People have been associating silver with luxury for decades now – ever heard the phrase ‘silver spoon’? Well, it’s linked to wealth for a reason.

As a matter of fact, sterling silver is used in every jewellery type imaginable to create a look that’s both trendy and timeless.

Contemporary jewellery designers are flocking to the sterling silver scene since it’s the perfect combination of beauty, malleability and durability. You can find examples at Silver and Pewter Gifts.

1. Sterling Silver Jewellery Is Durable

If sterling silver jewellery is properly taken care of, it can be around for a lifetime. Sterling silver owners understand their jewellery pieces will remain exactly the same forty years on!

The true 925 sterling silver does not come cheap. The additional cost alone, however, is worth the lifetime value and quality of the jewellery itself.

To ascertain that you’re getting the best deal, buy from a reputable and established jewellery company to guarantee the best quality jewellery on offer. Search for marks in a hidden location on the accessory.

2. You Can Easily Keep up with Trends

Every woman knows that keeping up with the latest fashion and jewellery trends and news can be dizzying given the fast-paced world.

Being updated with what’s in and what’s not can really be taxing.

But with sterling silver’s popularity, it’s surely guaranteed to be in the running. Whether the designs change or not, sterling silver will always be included in the latest styles.

3. There Are Endless Options

Silver is a relatively soft metal and for this reason, can be moulded and experimented on by jewellers — meaning there will always be new designs on offer.

The extensive range of designs and styles in sterling silver assures that you’ll find a piece or twenty that suit your personal style.

Whether you’re searching for a bracelet, locket, pendant, or ring, there are various options to choose from.

4. You Can Build a New Jewellery Collection in No Time

The extensive range of sterling silver options available makes it easy for you to create or enhance your collection.

If you want to create a look around a more expensive statement piece, sterling silver complement a majority of metals, so you don’t need to stress about clashing.

If you want unique and high-end pieces, then sterling silver should definitely be on the list. Designers will cast their creative designs every time.

5. Incredible Versatility

Regardless of the occasion, sterling silver jewellery is always suitable.

You may want to add other sterling silver to your jewellery collection that has a lot of platinum or white gold pieces. You need not worry about your new jewellery matching like old collections do.

6. Hypoallergenic Jewellery

Unlike other jewellery pieces made out of inexpensive brass, nickel or other base metals, sterling silver jewellery does not have metal add-ons that irritate skin and other allergic reactions.

People allergic to metals like brass and or nickel have the option of wearing sterling silver jewellery without worrying. That’s especially crucial for accessories such as earrings – you can wear without fearing the piercing will be infected.

7. Easy to Maintain

As beautiful as silver is, the majority of women have steered clear of it at some point for one primary reason – tarnish.

Here’s the upside – wearing jewellery actually prevents the possibility of tarnish. The skin oils basically ‘clean’ the metal meaning you don’t have grounds to worry about having a dirty complexion.