Benefits of Freelance Writing Online

Sandra L. Pouncy

Every job has upsides and downsides, right? Many people desire the freedom to work at home and be in charge of their own work life, but some turn their noses up at the idea of writing for websites. However, there is a good deal of money to be made writing online and the benefits can be considerable. Here are some things to consider

1. You don’t need experience, you can start from anywhere. If you have always dreamed of writing for magazine or newspapers, you are not alone. These kind of jobs have more glamour and more money and so are very sought after. This means that editors can afford to be picky and guess what? If you don’t have a body of already published work, your resume probably isn’t going to get a second glance. However, writing online is much easier. Many content mills just ask for a writing sample to get a feel for your style and if it’s god, you’re in. The internet has unlimited space so there’s not quite the level of competition as with print publications. Of course, you also have the option of starting your own blog or website to write online, which gives you the ultimate freedom.

2. There are websites for anything you could want to write about. Seriously. If you love writing about cooking or food, you have tons of websites to apply to. Love motorcycles or knitting or writing about pregnancy? No fear! A simple internet search will give you tons of websites to submit stories to or apply for freelance gigs with.

3. Working at home is NICE. Really nice. While you may be able to work from home with some print publications as well, some publications prefer to hire locals as certain stories require interviews, going out to places, etc. Rarely will an online publication or website care where you live. If you’re writing an article about sleep training a baby, does it really matter whether you’re writing in your pajamas in Minnesota or in your bathing suit in Florida. Not really!

4. Pay is usually on time and just as expected. When working for print publications, there is always the fear that the operation will fold and you will be out in the cold with whatever money you’re still owed. You may have to deal with submitting invoices and all kinds of related headaches. I’ve written for many websites, content mills and blogs and any pay I was supposed to get always came without fuss or muss into my Paypal account or bank account exactly when it was supposed to hit. Most of the time payments were automatic, and the only company I wrote for that wasn’t, all I had to do was hit “request a payment” on their website. Totally easy.

While the pay per word is likely to be much lower with online publications than print, the tradeoff is that there is plenty of available work, it’s relatively easy to break into, you can work at home, and there are plenty of choices for writing!

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