A holiday in the Seychelles Islands should not only be lounging around in the sun all day long, as the perfect holiday package for the islands does exist.

As soon as your flight has landed on the International airport at Pointe Larue, your next stop will be the hotel to sleep for a while. Since the first hotel will be on the main island of Mahe, the adventure begins with a tour round the island. Among the must see sights featured in the perfect holiday package for the Seychelles is the Market in Victoria; a splendid colourful building with Asian and European influences. It is also the perfect spot to see the Seychellois trade talk and generally be their lively selves while you yourself buy some spices or rare artefacts.

The perfect holiday package for the Seychelles also includes visits to Mission Lodge at Sans Souci, with its breathtaking view enveloped in an atmosphere of calm serenity. Depending on how fit you are, the trip to Mission can either be done by car or better yet on foot. This way can drink in the well preserved environment of the island. From Mission lodge further down towards Port Glaud, 200Meters back from the tea factory is the Morne Blanc trail, this is less that 1 hour walk, and most people do it in 30 minutes. Remember all the creatures and insects encountered are harmless.

While still on the topic of nature treks, there are trails on Mahe that can be followed, all the way to certain mountain tops like Sans Souci. The trails are all well marked and relatively safe to visit, and best of all it will cost nothing. However before trying to enjoy this part of the perfect holiday package for the Seychelles it is advisable to let people know where you plan to go, just to be on the safe side. Share some of your pictures with us.

As Seychelles boasts plenty of natural heritage sites, Praslin Vallee de mai being one of them, no visitor should every leave the Seychelles without having set foot there. Although there is a small entrance fee charged for entry in the Vallee de Mai, seeing the unique coco-de mer nut found there is indeed a priceless experience. Praslin also has the world famous Anse Lazio beach, for that peaceful day of self indulgent tanning session. You can go to Praslin Island either by fast catamaran or by air. (Air Seychelles domestic) or helicopter if you can afford.

Also on offer on the perfect holiday package in the Seychelles is a visit to La Digue Island, where you can see the Paradise flycatcher, found only in the Seychelles as well as Anse Source d’Argent. La digue is only 10 minutes by fast catamaran from Praslin. If you just wish to visit a day tour is enough, transport are bicycle, ox cart or taxi. La Digue is very quiet at night getting out of your hotel on La Digue at night can be an experience.

No trip to the Seychelles can be considered successful without a day of scuba diving. Most dive centres do give a one day diving introductory course. The coral reefs found in the Seychelles are quite spectacular, and dedicating a day to exploring them would not even begin to do them justice. Some visitors have fun swimming with sharks. Seychelles is rich in fisheries; a one day fishing experience or plain sailing can be fun. If you do enjoy snorkelling, don’t forget your gear there are some amazing marine parks, and shallow waters excellent for snorkelling.

At the end of the days spent holidaying in the Seychelles, you will go back home invigorated by all the fresh air and wholesome activities you had taken part in. But then again the perfect holiday package for the Seychelles is not one for the faint hearted even if the activities are spaced out to fit the clients’ individual fitness levels.

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