Are you ready to end the pandemic’s quarantine season and visit some exotic places to keep your rejuvenated? Well, if Singapore is in your mind, then you must know there are a vast number of places to visit, including some eco-tourist areas. If you plan to board from Taipei, opt Cathay Pacific for the best flight deals.

Central catchment natural reserve: This is the largest natural reserve in Singapore, having expansive greenery and a whole series of exotic and endangered animals. The best thing that attracts visitors over here is how resources are maintained with humans’ least interference and preserving with the most little carbon footprint. Capture some excellent photographs of the natural reserve and some moments to cherish forever. 

Kampong Lorong Baungkok: Visit this place to know how simple life works amidst a concrete jungle. You’ll feel as if you are living in the ’60s era. The ubiquitous HBD apartments are now toppled, and Singapore started developing at a fast pace. You will feel you are back in a time machine. 

Gardens by the Bay:  This is one of the massive terrariums with stunning horticulture, one of the most iconic Singapore structures situated at Right Square. The scope is to leave a garden city image, where the focus is to show the city is located among a garden, where the flora and fauns interact artfully.

Bukit Tima natural reserve: If you are interested in trekking and running, you may visit the last stretches of primary rainforest in Singapore over here in Bukit Tima. You can be a part of the natural reserve and stroll with leisure. 

Tampines eco garden: Visit the Tampines Eco garden at Tampines Avenue 9, Singapore. You will adore the site if you are fond of tranquillity, and the area is without vehicles and bicycles. The location is ideal for tourists who love the lush greenery layers and slow living, rustic environment. The garden shelters some attractive shrubs and diverse ecosystems, having open grassland, freshwater wetlands, and the secondary wetlands. The hiking trails can enthral nature lovers, and the park has an array of flora, fauna. The cyclists can stand their cycles near the main entrance while admiring the natural beauty around. 

River Safari: This is the only experience that you may have in Asia, where you can get through a boat rode to see the world’s most fascinating animals like the red panda, dugong, and Amazonian jaguar. This is a great place to go along with your kids and family. You can see the animals getting camouflaged and see them in their natural habitat. You will enjoy something more than just wildlife, as you may see these animals nearby and imagine their natural habitat. Your kids will have a gala time enjoying the aquatic animals, carnivores at a close distance. Visit the place at 80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore. 

Singapore Night Safari:   Visit the Singapore Night Safari at 80, Mandai Lake Road. The zoo focuses on nocturnal animals and birds. The time for the visit starts from the evening, and there are many things you can do, including a tipi dinner plan amidst the wildlife. While you do the safari, you get up close and personal with a group of threatened species and night critters. You will be amazed to visit the ferocious carnivores, up and close to see they devour meaty treats. 

Pulau Ubin:  This is a place of unspoiled natural haven located in the Northwest of Singapore, and home to some last traditional villages. You can enjoy a hike with bikes and explore its beauty. Chek Jawa, the wetlands are located here that belongs to the natural rocky shore; tours are organized that demands to explore the area’s rich biodiversity. 

Singapore Botanic gardens: This is the only garden in Singapore, a UNESCO world heritage site having massive garden, flora, and fauna. You may even check this place at midnight. Take your kids for an educative tour on the greens, especially emphasizing the importance of society. There are separate educational excursions done here with special permits.  Visit the place at 1 Cluny Road, Singapore. 

There is no pleasure than enjoying a holiday amidst the lap of nature. Explore more of life and utilize the best of ecotourism options while in Singapore.