Every being under the sun one time or another, finds themselves going through tough times. When in such situations, you become disillusioned, frustrated, and even confused. Frisco Texas churches had a preaching in the book of psalms, which explains the way David went through many troubles, but he still trusted and obeyed God amidst his problems. You are not to give up when you pass through difficult times instead you ought to pray and still believe In God

The following are the five ways God uses problems to shape our lives.

God uses problems to Shield you from more significant harm.

Problems, in some ways, can be a blessing in your life. God can bring issues along to prevent you from doing something which could have harmed you more. So every obstacle God brings your way should be looked at in the right note instead of asking God questions. The book of Gen 50:20 (NIV) says “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good…” Amidst your problems, you should thank God because He is all-knowing and God of purpose;

Challenges invite us to experience the power of God

God uses hard times to help us grow and mature spiritually. When you are pressured with problems that are big for you to resolve you turn to God. When adversity comes, we are forced to face the issues and pressures that are too big for us to solve. Problems cause us to desire the Grace of God. When you are in problems your relationship with God becomes stronger by always praying for a breakthrough to your problems. Hardships reveal to you that you can’t live in your ways, but you need for God’s grace and favor

God uses problems to refine your weaknesses and improve you.

Problems shape and build your character and make you better. This can be referred to in the Bible through the Apostle Paul He all always saw the goodness of God amidst what he went through. When you have a challenging time, you try to find out what you are not doing right. In the process, you recognize your weakness and work towards it. God hence uses your situation so that you can work on your character. God is always more interested in your character than your comfortable life


Tribulation tests our faith;

God can use hard times to test your faith. Sometimes, you are quick to forget the comfort of God and how He has seen you through other trials in the past. If your trust is compromised, Problems will sway away your faith in God. A true Christian should always stand firm and have faith in God regardless of what you are going through. A true person considers troubles and storms in their lives as a way of God revealing His faithfulness. if you have faith you emerge stronger even after the problems but those who are weak in faith are swayed along by the evil

God uses problems to Discipline you.

At times God brings problems into your life so that He can redirect your life from your evil ways. The best way to learn a lesson of your mistakes in life is through failure and suffering. When you undergo through hard times in life, your relationship with God becomes stronger

In summary, every situation you go through, whether good or evil, God is in control. In Frisco Texas churches preaching, they insist on the importance of having strong faith in God despite our problems. It’s always good to remember what He has done for you when trials are too heavy so that you can’t lose trust in Him