International Moving Costs In 2020

Sandra L. Pouncy

International Moving Costs: Latest Rates for 2020

If you’re considering relocating to a different country, you are probably considering the financial costs of this type of move. Here is a helpful list of the individual costs to help prepare you.

Shipping costs (average $1,000 to $10,000)

Work with a professional moving company that is knowledgeable about international shipping. This will be one of your greatest expenses. They will take into account primarily three things: how far you’re moving, how much you’re shipping (more items and more weight amount to great freight costs), and the shipping route. Shipping by boat is going to cost less than shipping by plane; you can request moving quotes or pricing charts from your international moving services to help you decide.

Packing (average $100 to several hundred dollars)

Unlike domestic moves, you won’t have the option to do your own packing. The moving company you choose will be required to certify that no drugs, weapons, or prohibited animals are being moved.

Insurance (average starting at $100)

Your international moving services may include insurance as part of their estimate. However, you should be sure to check, and also to clarify what kind of insurance is required. For example, a maritime insurance policy for shipping by sea.

Storage (average starting at $100)

In the event that your belongings arrive before you do – or in case you’re not ready to move into your home immediately on arrival – everything you ship will likely have to wait. The costs, of course, increase with the number of items you need to store.

Duty and taxes

Each country has its own policy on duty and taxes required for shipping. In the U.S., for example, there is no household items tax but in the U.K., they do charge for them. It is best that you know ahead of time.

Visa fees (average $0 to several thousand dollars)

If you’re moving within the EU, there is no visa fee. From without the EU, you can expect to pay several thousand dollars depending on what kind of visa you are applying for – and waiting a significant amount of time while the paperwork is processed. In the UK, you may apply for a student or work visa, and be responsible for renewing it, which will be paid for annually. The cost will depend on which country you come from, and once again be prepared well ahead of time for paperwork to be processed.

Legal services (average $100/hour to $1,000/hr)

To make the visa process go smoother, some people opt to hire a lawyer. This is a lot time-consuming paperwork and it can be daunting to go through the right channels, so hiring a lawyer may be for you. The fees vary widely depending on what country you live in. Consult your international moving services beforehand.

Housing (average minimum $1,000)

Your greatest expense will likely be for housing, whether it’s a purchase or a rental. If you’re purchasing a home, taxes will differ from one country to the next. In the U.S., your tax will be calculated based on the value of your home; in the UK, it’s based on the purchase price.

Pet transportation (average $275 to $300)

The cost of moving your pet will include vaccination, a plane ticket, pet passport and even micro-chipping depending on the country you’re moving to. The amount you’ll be required to pay depends on the animal’s size, breed and medical needs.

Miscellaneous expenses

There are always a few expenses that will arise when you get to your destination, such as clothing if the climate is different, furnishings for your house, and even appliance with the correct voltage! Be prepared for these expenses and you shouldn’t be caught unaware.

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