To say I was shaken by the news of the opening of another international airport in Jamaica would be an exaggeration. But my interest was certainly stirred when I noticed that it was not named after some local son of the soil, like a deceased politician or sports champion.

In fact, the name’s Fleming. Ian Fleming! The small airport, formerly known as the Boscobel Aerodrome, has been upgraded and renamed after the creator of James Bond, the dashing British spy, who continues to thrill audiences worldwide with his daring escapades, high tech gadgets, and seduction of beautiful females. Not to forget, his being a cunning linguist.

Ian Fleming penned the James Bond novels at his Jamaican home, Goldeneye, which is close to the new airport named in his honour. James Bond migrated from the novels to the big screen in the 1960s and the franchise is still going strong with more than twenty feature films released. Several of the films have been shot on location in Jamaica, most notably the very first in the series, “Dr. No”, which featured the now iconic bikini-clad Ursula Andress, as Honey Ryder, emerging from the Caribbean Sea at Dunn’s River Falls.

The Ian Fleming International Airport opened for private jets and small commercial aircraft with a terminal for customs and immigration to facilitate international travel. Just about ten miles East of Ocho Rios, the airport is suitably located to serve that area and Portland on the Eastern tip of the island.

Shocking. Positively shocking have been the grumblings about the airport not being named after a Jamaican, but in memory of an Englishman, Ian Fleming. The Prime Minister of Jamaica dismissed these negatives and made the case that the island inspired the author and has in turn benefitted from a higher profile internationally. I think he got the point.

The Jamaican government has named its new international airport in honour of an Englishman, obviously betting that the glamour and fame of Ian Fleming and James Bond will help the high-end tourism market, and that both local and foreign businessmen will not be just looking, but will realize the enormous potential that this upgraded airport facility offers to the region, thereby leading to serious large investments.