Many people have attempted to tell me that road trips and road trip games are a thing of the past, now that everyone flies to their destinations. While there is certainly truth to that, people still go on road trips all the time – and anyone who has kids will agree that they are always looking for fun games and activity ideas for any long road trip, or even just a short car trip around town to run errands.

So, whether on your next long road trip, or just a quick car trip around town – try this extremely fun game to help keep the kids entertained. It is one of many, but seems to be one that children really enjoy.


# of Players: 2 or more

Objects Needed: Nothing

Everyone playing this fun car game will be on their own team. One player will start and find a random billboard and read one sentence from the billboard, and it should be a relatively short sentence (anywhere from 5-7 words long). Once the sentence is read, the person to the left of whoever just read the sentence will then have 30 seconds to think up a line that rhymes with the sentence just read. This made up rhyme must be about the same amount of words, the end word must rhyme, and it should be somewhat relating to or relevant to what the sentence is about. If, for example, if player 1 reads: “everything in the store must go,” then before 30 seconds is up, player 2 might say: “the merchandise is selling so slow.”

Once player 2 responds with a pertinent rhyme, they will then find a new sentence from a different billboard, and this will repeat around the circle. If a player does not respond within 30 seconds, or the rhyme is voted by everyone else as either not rhyming or not relating to the sentence read, that person gets one strike. A player is out for that round once they receive 3 strikes. The last player playing will receive a point for winning that round. Start another round, and everyone will come back in and play – the first person to score 3 points is the winner!