Feel as though you have escaped the rest of the world at Jersey – Channel Islands. Though cars make their way along narrow roads, there are never as many as on the mainland, making this an ideal spot for bike rides and treks right around or through the middle. Though breezy at times, visitors escape the smog of industry here for a breath of fresh air.

Take the kids to fabulous beaches for a chilly dip or to soak up some Vitamin D. Explore activity centres such as Creepy Valley, where the brave can attempt a military assault course, aerial trek or zip line ride. AMaizin Maze and Adventure Park entertains with go-karts, tractor rides and a maize labyrinth featuring puzzles and clues to keep the kids involved throughout.

Durrel Wildlife Conservation Trust plays an important role in the protection of endangered species from around the world. The Orangutans will amaze you with their size and grace. Lowland Gorillas also: stop to admire the way they interact with each other, much the way humans do. Enclosures have been carefully created to mimic authentic habitat as much as possible and meet the needs of animals. Support them through admissions, but also spend some money on snacks or gifts.

Jersey endured occupation during World War Two, and many memorials pay homage to the individuals caught up in conflict one way or another. A set of war tunnels invites visitors to see how weapons and soldiers were protected, then hospitalized, far from the eyes of the enemy. Take part in interactive exhibitions which tell the true life stories of those involved. La Hougue Bie, a neolithic burial mound, also became a bunker during the conflict.

Head back further through a history of combat and defence to Elizabeth Castle where exhibits demonstrate the arms and apparel of war through the centuries. Visit Mont Orgueil Castle, built to protect Jersey from the French. Climb its step and wander through exhibits of medieval castle life at its site on Gorey Harbor.