The Corona-virus pandemic has affected almost every sphere of human life and the travel and hospitality sector is not left out. 

With various governments across the world imposing strict lockdown measures, travel and hospitality companies suffered huge losses as they ran out of business since they rarely got the regular patronage they once enjoyed. With various governments gradually lifting restrictions on the lockdown, the travel and hospitality sector recorded an increase in revenue especially during the festive period as people across the world traveled to visit their loved ones. 

Unfortunately, a second wave of the virus is set to force travel and hospitality business into redundancy once more.

Although a lot of travel companies are still operating, a common trend that has been reported so far is the failure of travel companies to fulfill their promises. The reason for this is not far-fetched as a lot of travel companies only try to win large customers and adopt different strategies to do so even if they don’t have the resources to bring their promises into full effect.

Having gone out of business for a long time, there has been a hunger to recover the losses made during the lockdown which is why there has been a spike in the number of bad services offered by travel agencies that make promises without considering the feasibility of what they are proposing. Consumers who are motivated by free and cheap opportunities also become increasingly disappointed by the lack of trustworthiness displayed by such travel companies.

To help consumers find reliable travel companies, takes a look at qualities you must look for in a reputable travel company or agency

  • Must Assure Public Safety: We are all daily reminded of the hike in cases of corona-virus casualties which is why we must all prioritize our safest in everything we do during this unsafe period. Any travel company you plan on traveling with must give you some assurance and instructions on how and where to return safely after traveling. It is expected that important regulatory bodies and travel industry participants will work together to respond to this health crisis by providing and ensuring that passengers respond and adhere to their guidelines. If any travel agency you are about to travel with doesn’t give you assurances on their plan to provide a safe travel experience for you, it is best to look for other options. 
  •  Must Have Good Reviews: Although a lot of fraudulent travel companies post fake reviews on their website, you can always trust reputable platforms such as; to offer you credible and trustworthy reviews on travel companies to help you make informed decisions when deciding on the travel company to patronize. Chances are high that you’ll get a satisfactory service from a company that has large amounts of positive reviews since it is an indication that such a company delivers qualitative service.

Conclusively, it is advisable to be wary of companies that publish too-good offers and prioritize your travel safety of cheap deals.