What Do You Need to Learn About Integration Platform As a Service

Integration Platform as a Service (IaaS) is a software integration service offered by cloud providers where they offer infrastructure and tools to help the integration of hosted and on-demand applications. The technology behind Clarity Connect Integration Platform as a Service is a set of modular components, which are capable of managing the entire integration process from start to finish. IaaS has many advantages over the traditional web services model. This article discusses some of these benefits to help you decide if IaaS is right for your business:

Platform as a Service reduces system cost

Since integration platforms as the service providers do not require any hardware upfront on-demand purchasing of equipment or software can reduce operational costs significantly. Additionally, system integration flows can be completed faster due to the use of familiar programming interfaces. You also do not need to purchase a license for using IaaS on-premises. These are some of the reasons why many corporations are switching to on-demand IaaS instead of purchasing their own hosted infrastructure.

Clarity Connect offers a versatile set of solutions

Integration Platform as a Service can be used with almost every type of business process and each one of its modules. Integration Platform as a Service is designed to seamlessly work with the business’s existing software stack like QuickBooks, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Oracle. Since all of the communication between the on-demand Platform as a Service provider and the business is direct, there is no need to integrate existing systems when implementing IaaS solutions. This means that a company will not need to invest in expensive storage area networks (SAN), network upgrades, or other hardware modifications. Integration Platform as a Service also supports real-time data streaming, which means that business managers will only be required to spend time dealing with valid data requests rather than having to debug problems that come up at the end of the day.

Highly flexible

Real-time data integration platforms as a service solution are highly flexible. Businesses can easily add in new modules or delete those that they no longer require. If you are only beginning the journey with your on-demand IaaS solution then there are plenty of modules that you can choose from such as Salesforce, Basecamp, PayPal, ZenCart, and many more. Businesses can also make use of third-party components such as Jira and Confide.

The use of legacy systems can be costly since it would mean buying entire hosting infrastructures and custom servers for every single application. Since Integration Platform as a Service is cloud-based, it reduces the overhead that can otherwise be incurred when setting up and maintaining legacy systems. There is also no need to spend money on expensive storage appliances, networks, or expensive software licenses. Businesses will only have to pay for what they use, and as soon as they decide to stop using a particular application they can remove it from their IaaS Integration Platform as a service platform.

Cost-effective way of streamlining business processes

Integrations Platform as a Service offers a cost-effective way of streamlining business processes. This is why many companies are already taking advantage of this technology. By migrating legacy applications to a hosted data integration platform as a service, your company’s overall operational efficiency and productivity can be significantly increased. Businesses that decide to use data integration platforms as a service will save not only money in terms of server costs but will also see an increase in overall operational efficiency as they will eliminate the need for maintaining a large number of interfaces and data sources.

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