What to Do When Driving Becomes Stressful?

Sandra L. Pouncy

Driving itself can be straining when you are on road with many hazards, road construction and traffic congestion. It’s not only the external stimuli, but also the state of your mind at the time of driving that may stress you out. Who wouldn’t feel anxious or irritated with situations that demand high alertness, but is obstructed with nuisance?

Stressing yourself out during driving can prove to be dangerous for both the driver and other people on the road. You would lose your cool easily and aggravate the situation. You won’t be able to think logically when you are anxious beyond control. There may be various reasons for your anxiety or nervousness, but you have to solve them on your own to be safe on road.

Let’s check out the common situations evoking stress and how to deal with them – 

Driving Again After A Considerable Time

Getting behind the wheel after a long time can shake up your confidence and you would always dread that you might do something wrong. The best solution would be to take up a helpful training from friendly driving schools like LTrent in Australia. They have experienced and amiable driving instructors who can help you overcome your fear with patience. You would get the most comprehensive driving program with over 50 years of expert service.

Your aim should be to drive safely. It doesn’t matter how slow your progress is. You can take small steps at a time. If the situation is more serious like you have a phobia or trauma due to previous accident you can first take help of a professional counsellor to understand the root of the problem and take action.

Road Constructions

It’s not such an ordeal to drive past road constructions or potholes, but it’s completely a different story when you are running late for some appointment. You can either search your route’s real-life traffic update or keep some time in hand for such unexpected situations. You would have time for taking some detours and won’t be late.

Super Annoying Back-seat Driver

Nobody likes another driver at the passenger seat when you are already behind the wheel. It can be really frustrating and can cause distraction and ultimately lead to a collision. Better to avoid responding to such remarks and try out stress-relieving breathing exercises.

Rush Hour

Driving in the rush hour can be taxing, especially when you are not confident and having negative thoughts. You should stay calm and practice driving during hours with less traffic at first.

Stuck at A Train Crossing

Sitting idle for over 10 minutes at the train crossing can irritate even a poised driver. Reduce your distress by checking unread messages or take time to add your favourite songs to the playlist.

Distracting Phone Calls and Messages

The person on the other side of the phone doesn’t know that you are driving right now, so message notifications and calls may pop up frequently on your mobile phone. Either you switch off your phone until you reach the destination or keep it on silent mode.

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