Lusaka is a city full of charms for all types of travelers. It is the proud capital of Zambia. It is sure to catch the attention of visitors of all ages as it has some thing to offer every one. It is the commercial, administrative, and communication center of the country with trade center, State house, and four main highways of Zambia radiate north, south, east and west from it. Your flights to Lusaka Zambia will take you to a land of diverse attractions.

Lusaka National Museum: This is national monument covering the history and culture of the Zambia. Being an institution, entrusted with the custodianship of the unique and diverse heritage of nation it has its special place in the history of the Zambia.

Those taking cheap flights to Lusaka

Cheap flights to Lusaka are able to see exhibits of contemporary Zambian paintings, ethnography, witchcraft, contemporary art, sculpture and ceramics as well as historical and cultural artifacts.

Lumburma Market: The markets are a hive of activity at any tourist’s destination. This market is boasting restaurants, hairdressers, fishmongers, fruit sellers and rows and rows of salaula. It’s such a busy market that each day thousands of stalls are filled and cleared every day. After your cheap flights to Lusaka your visit to this market is a must. The quality of shopping has improved dramatically in the past few years with the building of some upscale shopping centers. It has an interesting, colorful, and lively atmosphere. There is also an excellent crafts market.

Kabwata Cultural Village: The village consists of huts which were built in the 1930s and 1940s on Burma Road, west of Jacaranda road in Lusaka by colonial government. It is successfully playing its role as one of the strong selling points for tourism in Zambia by attracting Lusaka flights. The profession of majority is carving and a wide variety of items are for sale at reasonable prices. It welcomes travelers to scour through goods and purchase artifacts including drums, spears, beads, baskets, African painted fabrics, and human carvings.

Munda Wanga Botanic and Zoological Gardens: It’s an environmental complex that has three sections. An Environmental Education Center that hosts 35,000 children and teachers every year, a Wildlife Park and Sanctuary, holding a collection of more than 40 different species of animals, and last but not least flights to Lusaka from UK offers you Zoological Garden housing over 1000 species of plants, and some of them are very rare